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About Dance Whispers


Dance Whispers is a small dance school that was established in 2007 by Christie Manuel. Christie started the school after moving to Coolamon with her husband, Andrew Manuel who commenced a rural high school teaching placement.

With only a small advertisement in the monthly town newsletter, the school began with 40 students in the first few weeks as Coolamon had not had a dance school for over 15 years.

Dance Whispers has now grown to a school of over 80 students with dancers able to take classes in Ballet (Cecchetti method and Living Dance International curriculum), Contemporary,  Jazz (CSTD), stretch & strengthening (Pilates based) and woman’s dance fitness (similar to Zumba).

The dance schools main objectives is to teach a high standard of dance technique in a positive environment that encourages students to love God, honour their bodies and enjoy the experience of learning to dance.

Students in all dance styles are taught from an early age to explore dance through improvisation techniques; so that they embody dance as a free form of movement, not just as a series of steps or positions.

Students are able to attend some local eisteddfods and have a number of opportunities to tour Sydney to extend their dance education through performances and master classes.



About the Principal

Christie Manuel was born and raised in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. She attended the majority of her ballet classes at the Blue Mountains Academy of Classical Ballet and Dance (now called Rosatutus Studios).

Fortunately, she was able to attend Cecchetti Ballet Summer Schools, as well as classes with some of the Australian Ballet solo artists. Christie passed all her Cecchetti exams (Cecchetti being an Italian form of ballet) under the beautiful teaching direction of Miss Rosalind Dorman.

After finishing school, she attended Wesley Institute to study and complete her Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance). Christie also did extra subjects in dance therapy whilst completing her degree.

Since moving to Coolamon she has studied a number of different dance syllabus's along with completing her accreditations in Heartmoves exercise program,  The Jason Winters Contemporary technique and Level 1 Gymnastic Coaching with Gymnastics Australia.

Along with running the dance school, Christie also runs dance and gymnastic programs in primary schools and teaches exercise programs in aged care facilities.

Christie loves the positive difference dance and movement can make to a persons physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. For further information on dance classes or Primary school dance and gymnastics programs.

Please contact Christie through our contacts page.

About the genres of dance


  •    The most technical form, and the basis of all dance. Practicing ballet from a young age provides discipline and deep appreciation for all styles of dance. Ballet builds strength, balance and flexibility. It is a beautiful pure style, with origins dating back to 16th & 17th century french courts.


  •   First born by many dancers experimenting with Ballet in the early 20th century, this style explores movement from different angles and shapes. There are many different ways of expressing Contemporary and usually every dancer has a different style to the next.


  •  A sharp, fast-paced style which needs strength, flexibility and balance. It was created in the 1920s and made famous by Bob Fosse's work on Broadway in the 70s and 80s. Children like this style as it can be performed alongside modern pop songs that they know...